Dienstag, Juli 31, 2007

wedding present

Last week I painted a wedding present for Melli and Steffen (left). Above you can see the sketch.

Montag, Juli 02, 2007

Sommerpause/summer break

Almost one year ago I started posting on this blog. I guess it was a good idea and it has been very nice to have some friends all over the world that share the same passion I do. Besides visiting your blogs always gave me so much inspiration.

Well, it is summer (although it is raining the whole time) and I do need a break and time for myself. I would like to have a look at my work from a distance and to think over it. Am I satisfied with it? Do I want to continue in the same direction? Or is it time for a change? I don´t know... I´m sure I will find out. I feel a little bit exhausted, but also very excited.

Anyway, I wish you all a great summertime. Have a lot of fun and enjoy it. Thanks for visiting and for the lovely comments. See you back in august/september.

Love Anja.