Samstag, Februar 17, 2007

Das große Fressen (SPICK Kindermagazin)

Zoodirektor Zofinger ist leidenschaftlicher Hobbykoch. Heute lädt er seine Tiere zu einem Festmahl ein. Vom Ameisenbär bis zum Koala bekommen alle ihre Lieblingsspeise. Weißt du wer was frißt?

Speisen: gegrillter Kaninchenspieß, Rattenstrudel, Mousse au Cactus, Schnecken in Krabbenbutter, Eukalyptuscremesuppe, Fliegenrohkost, Ameisenpudding, Nußcreme mit Waldfrüchten, Planktongrütze, Zebrabraten in Büffelsauce, Bambusblatteintopf.

Who is eating what? Sorry, I can´t translate the food because it is nonsense.

Donnerstag, Februar 01, 2007

I have been tagged

by Sonia. Thank you. In order to get more instructions please visit Sonias blog.

My 6 weird things:

1. I always/only drink coca-cola light (diet coke). I know it´s not very healthy, but I´m addicted to it.

2. I have seen "When Harry met Sally" and "Manhattan Murder Mystery" more than 200 times. Well, I think it´s because both films are taking place in New York... I hope I will be able to visit this city in the future.

3. When I spent my holidays in Italy in 2001 I ate Spaghetti Bolognese almost all (14) days.

4. I´m absolutely crazy about effervescent/fizzy (?) bonbons (Brausebonbons). I can´t stop eating them until I get ill.

5. I often imagine how it would be to meet an actor I adore. At the moment I´m dreaming of Jake Gyllenhaal.

6. I love dogs, but I can´t have my own one. That´s why I bought myself a stuffed dog in the supermarket. His father was a basset and his mother a beagle. Because of his British ancestors I wanted to give him a royal name: Harry (prince Harry). He is a wonderful dog and is now sleeping in our bed between me and my husband.

I´m tagging: Katrine, Christiane, Jannie, Natascha, Natalie and Isabel.